For Families

Parenting is hard. Our CAN Program is here to help!  

Here are five Nurturing Parenting inspired excercises we loved this week! 

These exercises can be done with just the materials you have around your house, or through simply sharing time and space together! 

Five Senses Exercise

This exercise can be used to evoke a mindful state wherever you are. 


5: Notice 5 things you can see

4: Notice 4 things you can touch

3: Notice 3 things you can hear

2: Notice 2 things you can smell

1: Notice 1 thing you can touch


Rainbow Walk

Go on a walk with your child or children, encourage them to find something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 


Red Light, Green Light

This schoolyard game is a great way to get moving and practice body regulation and impulse control. 


If I was an animal, I would be..

This exercise explores your child's feelings through animal characteristics. Rawr! 


Texture Collage

Go for a walk outdoors, or around the house. Gather materials from nature, or old magazines and recyclables. Take time together to glue or attach your materials to paper. talk about what why you chose your materials, and what you have created. 


"Since the Nurturing Parenting Program ended, I have noticed things are a lot calmer in my house. The kids are working together and communicating with each other better than they have before. "

The Nurturing Parenting Program has given my children and me tools to help identify and address our feelings better. 

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