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About Us


Vision, Mission and History

Youth Heartline's Vision is: healthy families, healthy children.

Formed 1991, Youth Heartline's original mission was to make life better and safer for vulnerable children and families in our community.  In 2020, Youth Heartline updated its mission to family stability through trauma-informed services and systemic solutions.


First incorporated as Tri-County Children's Advocates, Youth Heartline is the first and only Court Appointed Special Advocates program for the Eighth Judicial District of New Mexico.  Since that time, the organization rebranded to Youth Heartline, in recognition of an expanding array of services.



Amy Mesa, Taos County Housing Navigator


Colleen Shaughnessy, Executive Director

Danielle Vanderpool, Colfax/Union Counties Street Outreach

Feliz Medina, Community Programs Director


Gerard Jones, Director of Operations

Jayda CorderoColfax/Union Counties Street Outreach/YHDP Youth Services Specialist

Jolene Archuleta Duran, Staff Advocate/YHDP Case Manager

Katherine Peralta, Colfax/Union Counties Safe Exchange and Supervised Visitation Monitor

Leslie Warnick, Taos Safe Exchange and Supervised Visitation Monitor

Meesha Evans, Taos Pueblo Family Navigator

Misty Gomez, Colfax/Union Counties Housing and Family Navigator

Nathalie Bertoncin, Taos CASA Staff Advocate & Outreach Coordinator


Valerie Alderette, Raton Programs Manager

Yasmin Haque, CASA Director

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Board of Directors

Alice Morillon, Secretary, Taos County

Brandy Thompson, President, Union County

Christine Autumn, Director, Taos County

David Elliot, Director, Taos County

John Shafto, Taos County

Kristen Forrester, Director, Colfax County

Terry Kamm, Treasurer, Colfax County

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