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Finding the Right Fit

Not Rose. Or M.

Time to share one of my most heartening experiences as a CASA, with a sweet little boy named M. M and I got along well from day one. Everything he needed, I worked on. We started a "book club" to help him work on his reading while making it fun. I attended and advocated in countless meetings about his health, education, well-being, and the best possible outcomes for his family to work the case. We laughed and played together, and I also sat with him during times when he felt sad and anxious. His family's case was a complicated one, and each time a new wrench was thrown into the works, I felt for him and worked doubly hard to try to be the best advocate I could.

Also not Rose or E.

There were a few times when it seemed like things would resolve in a certain way, just to have a new upset that changed the direction of the situation entirely. Each time something like this happened, it was easy to get so frustrated and despondent--why couldn't things work out? It was so hard on M in the meantime. However, sometimes the door of one option does have to close for a different window of opportunity to open. After being really disappointed by one seemingly good option falling through, a better one emerged. This new placement would allow M to stay with family, not severing any family ties or relationships, while receiving a level of stability and support beyond what had previously seemed possible. I was so grateful for M's sake that the many twisting turns of this path had led to a place where he could feel safe, connected, and loved.

When this kind of thing happens, it reminds me to have faith--faith in people, that everybody is trying their best and creative solutions can be found when we look in creative ways. When people come together out of love for the welfare of a child, anything is possible.