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How CASA Helped Me Find My House

Moving to a new town can be daunting. Moving for work can be both exciting and disorienting--one big thing has fallen into place (the job) but there's still lots left to consider. Perhaps the next biggest one is--where am I going to live?? Finding housing can feel like a job in itself. Moving from Taos to Raton to work with Youth Heartline showed me just how awesome and effective their advocacy network really is. Before I could even start helping anyone else, it helped me.

I looked at a few not-too-promising places (strange smells, remote locations, questionable carpeting) before reaching out to my soon-to-be co-worker to ask around. I hadn't had much luck before, but lo and behold she then asked her network of Colfax CASA volunteers, and within a couple days I got an excited phone call about what turned out to be the perfect place. While moving in I couldn't help but marvel at how connected these volunteers were in their community, and how much of a difference that made in terms of sharing resources and staying informed. Raton CASA really has its finger on the pulse of the town, as I came to better understand the longer I worked there. It was a privilege to contribute to such a supportive group of advocates, and a blessing to see that advocacy in action for myself!