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Introducing: SPIRIT

Guess what, guess whaaaat!?!?!

Youth Heartline has been working with Sage Consulting on a big project that we're really proud of. We're just getting it off the ground but we pulled the trigger on our website and we're LIVE now!

Dr. Holly Scheib and Po Chen

This collaboration has been months (pleasurable, cooperative months!) in the making. SPIRIT (which stands for Supporting Protection, Integration, and Resources In Tribes) is a method of cooperative intervention with Native American communities to improve child well-being and character development.

Unlike traditional models, which emphasize the intervention piece of cooperative intervention, SPIRIT really focuses on the cooperative element. SPIRIT makes a difference in communities by investing in its people and letting the community lead and prioritize what happens. This is what makes the most lasting difference in international development projects -- so SPIRIT brings this approach home.

So I encourage you to find out more about it:


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