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Gift from a foster kid to her beloved CASA

April 3rd was a momentous day for at least two folks. Ms. Kay Pinkston and Ms. Teresa Rossi were sworn in by Eighth Judicial District Judge Chavez as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs)!

They will be serving out of Youth Heartline's Raton office, being assigned a Colfax or Union county case. Out here, abuse and neglect cases are often severe and level of trauma that children may have experienced is profound. CASA volunteers are an essential element of child welfare in the Eighth Judicial District and we are so enormously proud and grateful for our new volunteers!

Ms. Rossi came to Raton from Colorado. She is a mother and grandmother and comes from a tough background herself. She will be a compassionate and ardent advocate for foster children.

Ms. Pinkston is the former mayor of Maxwell, NM. She declined to have her picture posted, but she is a tough but caring person of great integrity and commitment. She will be a vital voice in child welfare as a resourceful and diligent CASA.

Welcome to the Youth Heartline family! We are so enormously proud of you. Your work is just beginning, but we have every expectation that you will rise to the challenge!

The work that CASAs do for foster children and youth is vital, especially in rural counties where social services are difficult to access and the service array is not comprehensive. Social workers and other Child Protective Services staff care about their foster kids, but there's something really special that happens when a foster kid learns that their CASA is a volunteer, that they are someone who has their back, who doesn't have to be there but is there anyway because they genuinely care and love them.

That bond can be the basis of a changed and better life for our kids. For our community. Helping kids thrive can have unknowably broad impact, because every person that kid encounters--growing up, as an adult, having a family of their own--will also be affected by you.

This National Child Abuse Prevention Month, please consider becoming a CASA or sponsoring our work so that we can help more foster kids and make life safer and better for kids in our community.

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