No single agency can do everything, so we work with a broad range of agencies and service providers, so we can work together to tackle larger issues. If it turns out we can't provide the help that you need, we'll find out who can and give you a warm-handed referral.

Making Life Safer and Better

Youth Heartline is the only non-profit in Taos, Colfax, and Union counties focused on serving abused, neglected, and at-risk children and their families.

Since 1991, Youth Heartline has strived to make life safer and better for vulnerable children and families in our community. We provide essential services to over 250 children and youth each year. The agency has grown significantly in the past few years but is facing significant deficits. We are currently working hard to consolidate our growth, strengthen our administrative structure, and invest in our systems and infrastructure so that we maintain a robust organization. 

We are an agency with an open door policy that is trained and prepared to assist our most vulnerable community members: children.  YHL also assists many in our community who need help who aren't children by providing referrals.  Staff are equipped with an array of language competencies (Tiwa, Spanish, Mandarin, ASL), and we particularly seek to better serve many other marginalized groups such as gay, lesbian, transgender, homeless, handicapped, and immigrants.




We work hard to promote awareness of the child welfare system because it is complex, often unintuitive, and can stack the odds against our kids and teens. Healthy, thriving kids means a healthy, thriving community.



Child Advocacy Programs

Our flagship program recruits, trains, and supervises community members appointed by the District Judge to be advocates for kids during the vulnerable period when they are removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect.  CASAs advocate with CYFD, attorneys, counselors for the kids and the family, and any other parties involved before making their own independent recommendations to the District Judge in the best interests of the kids. Youth Heartline's CASA program operates in NM's Eighth Judicial District and is affiliated with the National CASA Association.


We serve over 100 foster children a year in the tri-county judicial district, ensuring that they are safe and helping them thrive. Every foster kid deserves a caring, consistent, compassionate adult who has their back.

*Services provided in our Taos and Raton offices

Nurturing Parenting Program 

The Nurturing Program for Families in Substance Use Treatment & Recovery is built on the principles of relational development. We believe that success and satisfaction of parents and children improve as empathy, authenticity, and empathy become more vital to relationships. 


The Nurturing Parenting Program serves Partners of parenting adults in treatment and recovery, extended family members who may be parenting children of substance using adults, and adults in treatment and/or recovery for substance use problems and who are in parenting relationships with children. 


An electronic form is now available:

If you would prefer, a pdf version is below and can be submitted by email, fax, or post. 

*Services provided in Taos and Raton.

Safe Exchange/Supervised Visitation

When parents separate, children often bear the brunt of conflict. Whether you are court ordered or self-referred, Youth Heartline provides a safe and welcoming environment for parents and children to maintain and build healthier, stronger relationships.

*Available in Taos and Raton

Family Empowerment

We provide counseling, advocacy, and assistance accessing resources for families experiencing or recovering from violence and trauma.  Join our therapy groups, receive one-on-one services, or sign your kids up for once-a-month outdoor activities. We have staff at Taos Pueblo and the Town of Taos to assist you.

*Available in Taos and Raton

SmArt House encourages and provides experiential activities with an emphasis on developing healthy relationships. We strive to create an environment that allows children and youth the opportunity to grow into the best version of themselves.  

Located in the Gusdorf Park low-income housing development, our goal is to provide neighborhood kids with a safe place to do fun and educational activities. We provide healthy meals and a broad range of meaningful activities and EdVentures with attention to creativity, literacy, numeracy, and technology skills. 

TCF Child-Rite Grants

Through the generous support of Taos Community Foundation and the Child Rite Fund, YHL has been able to make small grants to help keep struggling families together and to help foster kids and their foster parents stabilize placements during a period of extreme disruption in their lives. 


We have purchased winter clothes, hygiene products, heating, and many other things to help families get back on their feet.

Your donations allow us to help more kids and families in need.

YHL participates in the Taos County Juvenile Justice Continuum Board and the Taos Milagro Rotary Club because we believe that comprehensive efforts are needed to improve and strengthen communities.

Trails to Trees

We partner with the DreamTree Project youth shelter and the Field Institute of Taos to take at-risk kids on half-day and full-day outdoor activities once a month to build friendships and learn about environmental stewardship, providing pickup/dropoff, meals, and water at no charge to participants.

Trails to Trees is facing significant funding cuts - make a personal donation to help us keep doing this wonderful program!

*Available in Taos

Taos Pueblo Family Navigator

This is a joint program with Taos Pueblo Division of Health and Community Services that helps Native families who are victims of crime to fully recover by providing case management and assistance in accessing all available resources.

One Circle Foundation Programs

Adolescence is a confusing, scary time, and teens often form habits during these years that will follow them for the rest of their lives.  Girls' Circle and Council for Young Men are evidence-based programs that offer at-risk teens skills and relationship-building support to protect against victimization, suicide, and delinquency and become healthier, happier adults.

*Available in Taos

Northeast NM Youth Housing Program

Youth Heartline is excited to partner with Dreamtree Project as a support service provider to assist youth who are experiencing homelessness to assist with housing and case management in Raton, New Mexico. In addition to providing housing to youth in need, clients will receive case management to ensure all youth served may learn the necessary skills to become self-sufficient and obtain permanent housing.


Referrals may be given in person, sent via post to PO Box 1855, Raton, NM 87740 or emailed to Jolene Archuleta Duran ( All referrals received will be contacted by case management for assessment.