About The Endowment

Kevin Wolff was a generous, long-time supporter of Youth Heartline.  He not only believed in our mission to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families, but he also believed that we could accomplish that mission.   In December 2016, he established an endowed fund managed by Taos Community Foundation as an investment in Youth Heartline's long-term future.  After his passing, Youth Heartline's Board of Directors unanimously agreed to rename the endowment as the Kevin J. Wolff Memorial Endowment for Youth Heartline.

The Kevin J. Wolff Memorial Endowment for Youth Heartline is a key part of our agency's long-term financial stability. The Endowment is able to accept a wide range of donations, including stocks, bonds, bequests, property, and real estate.


Contact us for more information.  We hope you consider making a donation, bequest, or legacy gift to the Endowment to help us ensure that Youth Heartline will always be there to make life safer and better for vulnerable children and their families in Taos, Colfax, and Union Counties.

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About Kevin J. Wolff

Kevin J. Wolff passed away on April 24, 2017 at the age of 51.  He was survived by his husband, adoptive parents and siblings, and biological family.  He was a close personal friend of our Board President and Executive Director, and was a generous, long-time supporter of Youth Heartline.

Kevin's generosity knew few bounds, and he took very seriously his Jewish faith's call to support the needy, suffering, and less fortunate.  He did so diligently and quietly, preferring anonymous satisfaction to ostentation. Following his death, friends and family shared previously untold stories of what Kevin did for them: how he helped them attend nursing school, provided shelter and support to get clean from addiction, and just how many charitable causes that he supported.

He once said that one of the only joys that money brought him was the ability to help others.  He took that very seriously.  The true extent of his philanthropy may never be fully known, but this we know for sure: he touched the lives of hundreds, many of whom he did not know personally, but whom he loved anyway.

His was a complicated life.  Stress, tragedy, loss, and grief all played a part.  But through it all, Kevin held on to an undiminished belief in the power to make a difference.  His last public statement was to share news of a fundraiser for Youth Heartline.


We reel from the loss of our most committed ally.  We grieve the many things he had wanted to do that were left undone. But mostly, we miss our friend.  


Dear Kevin, Youth Heartline will always honor you through the renaming of the Endowment you helped us found.  You believed in us, and we will work hard every day to be worthy of that belief and trust.


Rest in peace.